[cryptography] CAPTCHA as a Security System?

dan at geer.org dan at geer.org
Tue Jan 3 20:00:43 EST 2012

 > Anyone so inclined could walk in, load up a cart, walk up to a
 > self-checkout, check maybe half the items in the cart, pay for
 > them and leave, with no one the wiser until the physical inventory
 > didn't match up with the computer inventory.
 > Wal*Mart is not stupid.   They know full well that a certain percent
 > of shoppers will indeed walk out with a certain amount of goods,
 > every day.

I was in Lowes and looking for an obscure electrical switch.
After finding the bin where it should be, I found a half dozen
empty polyethylene bags.  Clerk walked by and I asked if there
was some more supply.  He pulls out an iPhone, uses the camera
to scan a bar code, gets an inventory count, counts the plastic
bags, and says "No."  I said that I hated thieves.  His answer
was "This is Lowes."

I'd imagine that skit can be played in any big box.  Sort of
a contrast to the RIAA, no?


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