[cryptography] Complying with GPL V3 (Tivoization)

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Tue Jan 10 15:34:53 EST 2012

* Thierry Moreau:

> [D] The GPL V3 compliance would forbid any transfer of such
> gplv3-turned-proprietary ROM-based equipment outside of the
> organization (one would put back the original ROM version as part of
> IT equipment sanitization before disposal).

This is not true.  You can transfer such firmware images to the
recipient if they solely run the software on your behalf; the GPL
version 3 has an explicit exception for this.  I think this reflects
the Tivo situation pretty well (they give you a device, you provide
power and connectivity to it, but you don't get to tamper with the
software in any way), so I fail to see how the GPL version 3 prevents

This doesn't help when you want the recipient to be able to tweak or
even redistribute the image.  Then the GPL exception does not apply;
it is worded in such a way that it comes only into play if the
recipient isn't granted any rights whatsoever.

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