[cryptography] Gregory Perry's follow-up to the FBI OpenBSD / OCF backdoors thread (was: Fwd: [gsc] Fwd: OpenBSD IPSEC backdoor(s))

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at astro.indiana.edu
Sun Jan 15 20:18:26 EST 2012

On Sat, 14 Jan 2012, Alfonso De Gregorio wrote:
> Back in December 2010, we discussed the OpenBSD IPSec backdoor allegations.
> Two days ago, Cryptome.org published the Gregory Perry's follow-up to
> the this story.
> FBI OpenBSD Backdoors and RSA Cipher Vulnerability
> http://cryptome.org/2012/01/0032.htm

I'm struck by the lack of any detailed information here about just what
constituted(-es?) the "FBI OpenBSD Backdoors".  I'd be much more impressed
if the claim were more along the lines of "take a close look at
/usr/src/sys/foo/bar/baz.c near line 1400 and you might be surprised".

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