[cryptography] Intel RNG

ianG iang at iang.org
Tue Jun 19 23:35:32 EDT 2012

On 20/06/12 13:25 PM, James A. Donald wrote:
> On 2012-06-19 7:02 AM, Jack Lloyd wrote:
>> You're
>> not saying that CRI would hide things, you're just saying that
>> accepting payment sets the incentives all the wrong way and that all
>> companies would put out shoddy work so long as they got paid,
>> especially if giving a bad review would make the customer mad.
> Again, observe what has been happening in our current financial crisis.
> What reason do we have to believe that CRI is more virtuous than JP Morgan?

People.  Some of you might know the guys at CRI and have some view as to 
how they would handle it.

Do you have a view as to how audit people handle things?  I remember 
sitting down with a big-N auditor in 1998 or so, and him telling me that 
the systems audit for "major tech firm" was a complete farce - the 
partners wrote all the bad bits out.

Time.  100 years ago, JP Morgan was a byword for trust.  Fast forward to 
now ... CRI is only 15 years old.  Add a decade and will it still see 
the same interests?

I'm sure it won't.  The big question is not whether but when...


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