[cryptography] cryptanalysis of 923-bit ECC?

Matthew Green matthewdgreen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 11:51:55 EDT 2012

I've been told (by somebody much more diligent than I, who actually did the math) that the number of compute-cycles works out to around 2^64. The theoretical number of steps required is 2^53.

Of course, each step is /not/ 1 cycle, so if we assume that they're around 2048 cycles each it's right on the money.

(Once again, full credit to Paulo and others, I'm just a fly on the wall.)

On Jun 20, 2012, at 11:39 AM, William Whyte wrote:

> Does anyone know if this attack took the expected amount of time (confirming the strength of this particular curve), or significantly less (in which case it’s something to be concerned about)?
> William

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