[cryptography] Constitutional Showdown Voided as Feds Decrypt Laptop

Randall Webmail rvh40 at insightbb.com
Thu Mar 1 23:21:32 EST 2012

From: "Steven Bellovin" <smb at cs.columbia.edu>

>Better yet, it could do a remote read on your /dev/brain and *know*
>when you wanted to log in, weren't under duress, etc.  I regard that
>as about as likely as the public key alternatives, at least if we're
>sticking to the real world.  

Perhaps not so unlikely:

Brainwave-controlled skateboard is totally mental

by Bonnie Cha February 23, 2012 1:43 PM PST

Chaotic Moon Labs' Kinect-controlled skateboard was pretty awesome,
but the company has managed to blow our minds with its Board of
Imagination. Crave talks with one of the creators to find out how it

Remember the Board of Awesomeness, the Kinect-controlled motorized
skateboard from CES? Well, it just got more awesome.

The creator of this high-tech board, Chaotic Moon Labs, has come up
with a new version called the Board of Imagination that works by
reading your brain waves. That's right, a mind-controlled skateboard.
You simply imagine where you'd like to go and how fast you want to get
there, and the Board of Imagination will take care of the rest.


Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57383717-1/brainwave-controlled-skateboard-is-totally-mental/#ixzz1nvWOI0o0

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