[cryptography] [OT] Hackerbus First Tour Dates: Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal

Moritz Bartl moritz at hackerbus.eu
Sun Mar 11 08:56:19 EDT 2012

Hi Cryptographers,

I hate to spam this list, but I feel it is a good way to reach out to
the group of people I am most interested in. Crypto research is *the*
motivation for me to do this venture, and I am spending my personal
savings to do this - with no commercial interest whatsoever -, so I hope
you accept my apologies. This is a one time announcement.

I think media attention, and let it be interviews with you guys, is as
necessary to advance society as crypto is. I studied Computer Science at
the TU Dresden and had the chance to work with Andreas Pfitzmann, for
which I will be forever grateful. Thanks to Roger Dingledine, I also had
the chance to attend PETS two times, another very important key element
in my decision to do this crazy trip.

To make the story short, I will tour across Europe starting next
weekend, loaded with video and audio equipment far more professional
than I am, and if you know people and places I should visit, please let
me know. If you are happy to talk to a tech-background person about your
research and motivations, that would be my greatest wish. Maybe you want
to reach out to potential PhD candidates on Youtube? ;-)

Here's the announcement of the first part of the tour:

RSS http://www.hackerbus.eu/feed

Thank you!
Moritz Bartl

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