[cryptography] Haystacks and Needles

Ed Stone temp at synernet.com
Tue Mar 27 11:45:56 EDT 2012

Just as immunizations protect not only the person immunized, but also help protect the community from contagion, wouldn't more encrypted content have a public benefit through increasing the costs per "nugget" found and cause a narrowing of focus on those communications where there is probable cause or at least reasonable suspicion, versus wholesale hoovering of the spew?

While there are many technical defenses in systems, procedures, algorithms and implementations, wouldn't a vast increase in encrypted content also add substantially to the security of individual encrypted content by increasing the number of haystacks (costs and time) per valuable needle?

Rather than security through obscurity, more haystacks mean that encryption, being more common, is less of a red flag of suspicion, and that selection among encrypted content for the crackers has to be more discriminating.

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