[cryptography] Detecting Crypto Compromises

dan at geer.org dan at geer.org
Sat Mar 31 00:04:38 EDT 2012

> I'm thinking in terms of scenarios like how could the Nazis have
> methodologically shown Enigma's compromise in a systematic manner; the
> converse as well though: has there been research into scenarios
> similar to the Allies and Enigma (i.e. how to not give the game away),
> or has it all just been highly intuitive guesswork? It doesn't have to
> be period sensitive, anything from Caesar to the recent would be helpful.

Possibly orthogonal, but Churchill's treatment of Blechley Park
offers (offered) many examples of how not to tip one's hand.


His purposeful avoidance of tipping of his hand included
erasing Blechley's history and achievments after the war so
as to avoid having the Soviets realize that the UK was reading
their cables, a story which is detailed in the recent book

The Theory That Would Not Die, Sharon Bertsch McGrayne


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