[cryptography] Fwd: NIST Selects Winner of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-3) Competition

jd.cypherpunks jd.cypherpunks at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 07:50:15 EDT 2012

> On 04/14/2012 06:39 AM, David Adamson wrote:
> SO: I expect a new hash competition (run by EU, Russia, China or
> Japan) where US SHA-3 standard will be a reference point and the goal
> will be to design 256 and 512 bits hash function that is 3-4 times
> faster than SHA-3.

For EU we'll try fix it that way. There will be other opinions (b/c of old trans-atlantic partnerships) like 'let's use SHA-3' or 'why should we do something else?' but this very old mindset will not be enough to stop us. :)


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