[cryptography] ZFS dedup? hashes (Re: [zfs] SHA-3 winner announced)

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On 10/04/2012 02:41 PM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
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> It would be redundant to use HMAC-SHA256 in conjunction with authenticated
> encryption modes like those mentioned on the Oracle webpage that I
> mentioned (AES-GCM and AES-CCM).    Perhaps what you meant to say is that
> when those modes are used, that SHA256 is used as the ZFS data-integrity
> checksum?   Or is it the case that the data-integrity checksum can use a
> keyed message authentication code?
>> If we get around to implementing
>> encryption in Illumos, we would most likely go the same route. Thanks
>> for your insights, though, they are certainly valuable.
> Is there any public specification for how cryptography is used in either
> the Sun/Oracle version or the Illumos version of ZFS?

I'm not really sure how Oracle implemented their stuff in detail. I know
that they use the block-level checksum to also authenticate the data,
but then they also say that you can perform a block validation even if
you don't have the encryption key. Best talk to Oracle about the details
on that.

Illumos' ZFS doesn't have encryption, so block authentication isn't
important for us.


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