[cryptography] Radiation Emission Controls

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Fri Aug 2 02:51:23 EDT 2013

Inquiry about emissions at NSA UDC and other data centers
was not for external capture but about internal protection from
its own emanating equipment. In particular EM interference by
the big generators at most of the facilities, electrical sub-stations,
processing racks, cabling, switches, personal devices, whatever
is used to run the operation and whatever might be deployed by
those hoping to capture inadvertent emissions by land, air, sat,
mobile. If you will, what does NSA do to capture such emissions
from data centers to data gathering and for unique signatures?

This is not likely overlooked by NSA and maybe at the other
burgeoning worldwide data centers, but what that protection
might involve, ie, Large-scale TEMPEST countermeasures,
somewhat larger than a nuclear submarine, maybe closer
to large-scale array used to snoop on global EM and radio
signals, mundane and heavenly. as with the NRAO.

We have an interest in snooping on the emissions and
protection against snooping of large buildings and infrastructure,
from electrical grids to telecom hubs to internetworks to
scientific networks to intellinks to satellites to space probes.

The usual spy sci-fi beloved of hams.

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