[cryptography] Introducing Bletchley

Timothy D. Morgan tmorgan at vsecurity.com
Thu Aug 15 00:15:13 EDT 2013

Hi coderman,

> cool!
> the threading support is useful, however, no native optimizations yet
> - is this on the radar?  how about workers with OpenCL / CUDA kernels?

Well, the goal of multithreading with POA is to overcome network latency.
Almost all of the attacks I implement are online attacks against web apps.  POA
doesn't require much CPU, it just requires sending lots of requests, retrieving
an average of 1/8th of a bit of information per request (or thereabouts).

As we add interesting offline attacks, CUDA/OpenCL or something similar would
make a lot of sense though.

> issues sect. of project is empty; no links to a mailing list. where is
> technical discussion best directed?

It is a young project.  This first release and notice was just to generate some
buzz and see who is interested in using it and/or contributing.  Feel free to
post an issue to the Google code site if you have any specific questions or just
email me privately.  I can set up a mailing list once there's enough chatter.

Best regards,

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