[cryptography] no-keyring public

Alexander Klimov alserkli at inbox.ru
Sun Aug 25 08:38:00 EDT 2013

On Sat, 24 Aug 2013, Krisztián Pintér wrote:
> has anybody done something like that already? does it have a name?

There was a ECC program from the previous century that worked as you 
described: the private key was derived solely from the user password. 
Unfortunately, I cannot recall its name (and I suspect it already 
vanished from the net since it was not secure due to its use of EC 
over binary composite field, Weil descent attack), but I guess someone 
here remembers its name, since at that time it was a rare example of 
ECC software.

Btw, this memorable private key technique has nothing to do with IBE, 
since no trusted third party is required.


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