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stef s at ctrlc.hu
Mon Aug 26 06:35:24 EDT 2013

On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 08:13:51AM -0400, Matthew Orgass wrote:
> On 2013-08-25 alserkli at inbox.ru wrote:
> >On Sat, 24 Aug 2013, Krisztián Pintér wrote:
> >>has anybody done something like that already? does it have a name?
> >
> >There was a ECC program from the previous century that worked as you
> >described: the private key was derived solely from the user password.
> Seccure: http://point-at-infinity.org/seccure/

i <3 seccure. the lack of a good kdf was easily fixed with scrypt.

> It could even do ECDH.
> I wish there were more simple command line crypto utilities.

good memories. so i just added ECDH also to my new tool:

which is based on libsodium, based on nacl. also i created a new wrapper for
python, pysodium:

hope you enjoy and play around with simple command line crypto utilities.

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