[cryptography] Snowden Induced Mea Culpas

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Mon Aug 26 07:18:31 EDT 2013

Some time ago opinion was that only versions of PGP
beginning with 2 were trustworthy, that is before the add-on
junk for user convenience which opened holes galore,
then much more vuls as it went to global market and use
by governments. Is that still the case?

We have archived versions since 2.6. Are there earlier
vers available, like beta and 0s?

AES was allegedly rigged from the get go. The open
competiton a cloak and a roladex builder of eager cryptographers
looking for life-time smack feed. Those who accused the dope
were allegedly given quiet access to a coke traffic choke point
via NANOG and steady contractis with Companies A, B, C, D,
E, F and G according to the NSA IG in 2009, and, for cover
end to end cushy research grants at best of universities and
national and commercial labs.

Will Snowden docs confirm this or will they be meticulously
redacted, withheld, photoshopped, forged, edited, hyped,
destroyed in media basements, confiscated in airports,
stolen in Brazil, wiped in NYT law and investment concaves,
beautifully rhetorized and neutralized as consequential as
the Pentagon Papers for slowing the mighty lucrative
natsec machine for boosting its bastard comsec racket.

Didn't you like GCHQ's vibrating paper cup shtick in
Guardian's playfully rhetorizing a neutralized laptop?
Reminds of why encryption is essential to combating
climate change and over-population and end of class
warfare and umm, erasure of religion. Shit, shit, so
little time.

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