[cryptography] NSA cracking UN videoconference - worried?

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Tue Aug 27 12:49:22 EDT 2013

It should be remembered that most, if not all, the UN members
spy on one another. UN embassies and consulates in NYC bristle
with antenna. The US embassy, a high-rise across from the UN,
overlooks the mother ship and the wee boats huddling close.
It was rebuilt a few years ago to get rid of the old tech and install
new defenses and offenses.

The area is a thick web of spy operations -- residences and offices,
sidewalkers and waitpersons, limo and taxi drivers, maids and
doormen, janitors and sex partners, UN staff and renovation teams,
construction, health and environmental inspectors.

A privtate TSCM wizard active in NYC and DC and several other
spy nests, claims no spot on earth is as heavily spied as NYC --
the UN, finance, corporate HQs, FBI, DoJ, whorehouses, the lot --
that the spies respect each other's need for a bye if discovered,
returning the favor by reporting few misses and many successes
as a survival courtesy.

And that that is the back-scratching MO in national and financial
capitals and mil-econo-gov bastions everywhere. No secret to
cryptographers and network operators.

What, you think spies and govs and mil and comseckers really


Sure they all cheat despite these tacit agreements which are pure
baloney in the great tradition of fleecing dimwitted politicians and
taxpayers who pretend dimwittedness as necessary warcraft,
tradecraft, statecraft and citizenry.

So who's the biggest and baddest of the spies of the moment.
NSA and Google according to sacrificial goat Julian Assange.
But, lord almighty, it is obvious who hired him to leak that: NSA and
Google, fearing they would be outbid for his hermitage sagacity
by Bears and Tigers, Microsoft and ATT, Verizon and Yahoo,
IBM and RSA, Cisco and Apple, MIT and Rand, Stanford and
Columbia, Koch and Soros, BBN and SAIC.

Their marketing antennas ambitiously bristling, their whistleblowers
and security researchers ablowing like comely prostitutes along
1st Avenue, a couple more dutiful transgender goats twisting in
the wind to recruit those desiring life-changing cuddling with
Bill Clinton and Colin Powell, Guardian and NYT, MacArthur,
Rockefeller and Ford, Lockheed and Northrup.

Syria heading to be the new Haiti, NGOs poised to nick carrion.

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