[cryptography] A new approach to steganography

Moritz Bartl moritz at headstrong.de
Tue Dec 3 20:12:32 EST 2013

On 03.12.2013 19:27, Bram Cohen wrote:
> I came up with a new approach to steganography. There's an
> implementation and writeup of it here -
> https://github.com/bramcohen/DissidentX

I had a GSoC student working on a browser extension this year that
encapsulates steganography algorithms. The idea was to do key management
independently from algorithms, allow steganography plugins to specify
what MIME types they understand, and then be able to configure whether
any data of that type would be fed into the plugin (together with the
keys), or just select content (via context menu).

Unfortunately, the student didn't show too much interest, and I'm not
sure it's something you want to build upon, but I still wanted to
mention it. I would be happy to continue working on this and maybe
getting another GSoC student next year, but I don't have much time for
it altogether.


BTW, what is the license?

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