[cryptography] [Cryptography] RSA is dead.

Kevin kevinsisco61784 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 13:43:01 EST 2013

On 12/23/2013 1:04 PM, Greg wrote:
> On Dec 23, 2013, at 11:13 AM, D. J. Bernstein <djb at cr.yp.to> wrote:
>> Peter Gutmann writes (on the moderated cryptography at metzdowd.com list):
>>> Any sufficiently capable developer of crypto software should be
>>> competent enought to backdoor their own source code in such a way that
>>> it can't be detected by an audit.
>> Some of us have been working on an auditable crypto library:
>>    https://twitter.com/TweetNaCl
>> The original, nicely indented, version is 809 lines, 16621 bytes.
> ... what is the point of tweeting lines of source code? It's completely unreadable (to me, at least).
> Why doesn't that twitter account link to the "original, nicely indented" version?
> Does the original have comments? If not, why not?
> - Greg
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I feel that tweeting code has dangers.  Congradulations on opening your 
code up to security breaches.


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