[cryptography] The next gen P2P secure email solution

danimoth danimoth at cryptolab.net
Tue Dec 24 05:01:35 EST 2013

On 24/12/13 at 04:20am, grarpamp wrote:
> Once you know the address (node crypto key), you put it 'To: <key>',
> mua hands to spool, p2p daemon reads spool, looks up key in DHT and
> sends msg off across the transport to the far key (node) when it is
> reachable.

In these months there was a lot of talking about "metadata", which SMTP
exposes regardless of encryption or authentication. In the design of
this p2p system, should metadata's problem kept in consideration or not?
IMHO exposing danimoth at cryptolab or my <key> it's the same, as there is
a function between them. I2P and/or Tor adds complexity to avoid such
mapping to any non-state-level adversary.

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