[cryptography] Can we move to a forum, please? (Greg)

Bernie Cosell bernie at fantasyfarm.com
Tue Dec 24 20:03:06 EST 2013

On 24 Dec 2013 at 16:10, brian.otto wrote:

> I only subscribed to this list very recently, so my opinion probably 
> doesn't carry much weight, but I would love it if this list was moved to
> a forum! It is much easier to find the information your interest in, 
> easier to contribute to and moderate topics, and just all the benefits
> already listed by Greg.

First, I don't know what you mean by "moderate topics" -- if this list 
has a moderator they should weigh in on how much work it is.  As for 
finding info, I agree: mailing lists like this should have online 
searchable archives of posts [and many I'm on do].

As for contributing, I don't see how it is 'easier' -- to contribute now 
I can add to a discussion by simply hitting 'reply' and I can start a new 
discussion by simply starting a new message in my email client and 
sending it off [no need to surf to the forum website, login, and then 


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