[cryptography] Can we move to a forum, please?

Patrick Mylund Nielsen cryptography at patrickmylund.com
Tue Dec 24 21:50:55 EST 2013

On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 9:39 PM, Bernie Cosell <bernie at fantasyfarm.com>wrote:

> [but I would vote strongly for having the list archived online!  That
> makes searches of old threads and most every other 'benefit' of a forum
> available while not messing up the ongoing discussion mechanism at all]

Already happening: http://lists.randombit.net/pipermail/cryptography/

I'm also strongly opposed to moving away from email. It's the same thing as
trying to replace email. Email won't die. Forum software like phpBB, SMF
and vBulletin, is old, clunky and, ironically for this group, riddled with
security holes. (Discourse http://www.discourse.org/ looks a little more

I've been parts of groups that wanted to migrate from email to a forum more
times than I can count, and it has always failed. "It's just not as easy."
I'm not sold on being able to revise what you said, or on adding smileys
and meme gifs, either.
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