[cryptography] Can we move to a forum, please?

Don Saklad dsaklad at gnu.org
Wed Dec 25 01:01:54 EST 2013

An aside from these exchanges with points of views about preferring the format of a forum, or not... Would you kind folks have any ideas about how to arrange listserv settings to resolve difficulties we experience from a listserv, opera-l , where participants can be less familiar with the mechanism of how to post plain text. Nonplain text posts arriving by email contain extraneous characters and have discontinuous lines not wrapped well. Another listserv, foi-l , has been set so all participants' posts arrive by email without extraneous characters and without discontinuous lines not wrapped well. One listserv got setup without resolving posts of nonplain text. Another listserv got setup so participants' posts don't have extraneous stuff.

Or what forums or lists would be good for this enquiry !?...

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