[cryptography] Can we move to a forum, please?

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 10:50:59 EST 2013

On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 3:44 PM, Greg <greg at kinostudios.com> wrote:
> I've used both phpBB and simplemachines, and far prefer the latter for its simpler configuration, administration, and what seem like superior spam-fighting capabilities.

I have seen similar requests on other mailing lists, including those
running mailman . On the DIYbio mailing list (about ~3000 users), a
handful of individuals had the idea that they could just ask the
mailing list to be shut down and all the content ported to a forum. So
I challenged one of them to write a mail2forum gateway. There is no
particular reason why a forum couldn't also function as a mailing list
(as Google Groups is pathetically trying to do), with email replies to
threads etc. The current "get notified by email" features aren't the
same thing.

Jake Stew <jakestew at mail.com> wrote a mail2forum gateway for phpBB and
began using it with the diybio mailing list. What's interesting is
that nobody used it except for him, not even the others who were
wanting a forum in the first place. I don't really have an opinion on
this result, but it's sort of funny, and worth sharing, so there you
go. Maybe bug him for the phpBB plugin and start using it if you
really prefer phpBB or ikonboard or HyperVBulletin or whatever the
latest malware is called.

What's particularly funny is that Google Groups was trying to pivot
their content into a forum (and at the same time murdering all of
their USENET content, I guess they don't have thorough automatic
tests...). You can see it all over their UI because of their
half-assed attempt to convert from using the word "groups" to
"forums". I think in part this was an attempt to convince users to use
the web UI as a forum, but when people say forum what they really mean
is something like Infopop UBB and anything from 1998-2004 that matches
the same pattern.

- Bryan
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