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Kevin kevinsisco61784 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 16:36:12 EST 2013

On 12/29/2013 1:53 AM, ianG wrote:
> On 29/12/13 02:35 AM, RossMcFarlane wrote:
>> Hi everyone, I don't want to waste your time but I'd love to learn 
>> some more about cryptography, I was recommended this mailing list but 
>> its aimed well above my standard.
> Yes, this is about crotchety old war armchair cryptographers fighting 
> decades-old battles.  So etiquette helps, but which one is a secret.
>> I'm based in the UK 17 years old and to be pointed in the direction 
>> of some good resources would be great, I've watched a lot of the 
>> YouTube stuff but would like a step up from there.
> Question 1; are you interested in maths or in programming?  Your 
> survival probability increases if it is only one.
> If in programming, what language?  What you probably would fine 
> easiest would be to read the wikipedia pages on block ciphers. Then 
> search for an algorithm and try and get it going.
> There was once an algorithm called Tiny which was quite nice.
> If in maths, others can comment.
> iang
>> Hopefully I'll join you again one day ;)
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Ross
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I am anoter fellow programmer if that is your aim.


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