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Mon Dec 30 06:01:22 EST 2013

> Thanks for that. I emailed them - I guess they do this all by hand (which
> is sorta cool). Any other challenges like this (automated or not)?
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As someone who works in crypto and got sucked into crypto without really
trying, I can make a gross generalization and point out the two primary
ways into a crypto career are

1) Go to college, study mathematics and in particular, math relevant to
crypto and keep your computer skills fresh. Then get a job.

2) Study some crypto. Get a job in software or digital design, then let it
be known that you know something about crypto.

Path 1 requires that you emerge from college with all the smarts necessary
to be effective.

Path 2 just requires that you know a bit more about crypto than those
around you. They will all treat you like the crypto expert (even though
you aren't) and so you get to practice the art and in a few years you
might get good at it. Be very careful not to screw up. It worked for me
but there are no guarantees.

In my case, it was debugging someone's non functioning WEP circuit that
did it. I fixed it, but noticed they were writing the 802.11i spec, so I
went along to the IEEE and fixed some of the engineering issues in the
spec, made some cryptographer friends and I haven't been able to escape
crypto work since. It sucks you in.

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