[cryptography] How much does it cost to start a root CA ?

John Case case at SDF.ORG
Fri Jan 4 16:50:21 EST 2013

On Fri, 4 Jan 2013, Greg Rose wrote:

> You could ask the folks at CAcert... I imagine Ian Grigg will also chime 
> in. Certification costs a lot, and as you have observed, the incumbents 
> try very hard to keep you out. Despite some reasonable sources of 
> funding, CAcert still didn't succeed.

Well, I actually have not observed that, I just *assumed* it to be the 
case based on my general understanding of markets, etc.

So it appears that was a good assumption.  I would indeed like to hear 
about how the incumbents protect this turf and to what degree they are 
doing so ...

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