[cryptography] University of Waterloo's Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students

aortega at alu.itba.edu.ar aortega at alu.itba.edu.ar
Mon Jan 7 18:02:18 EST 2013

> There is already too much hype over QKD.  It's "unbreakable" (if you pay
> no attention to all those vulnerabilities at the physical layer that can
> be exploited by attackers anywhere in between the encrypter and the
> decrypter).
> David

But software crypto algorithms suffer from the same problems, say RSA it's
unbreakable if you pay no attention to all software vulnerabilities in
the implementation like memory corruptions, weak key generation, etc.

I see QC as security schemes relying in physical hard problems instead
of a purely mathematical hard problems. As such they are often more
expensive than software-only protocols but interesting nonetheless.

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