[cryptography] University of Waterloo's Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students

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However, quantum cryptography adds so many more requirements that it has
almost no benefits at all compared to what we have already.
Den 8 jan 2013 00:19 skrev <aortega at alu.itba.edu.ar>:

> > There is already too much hype over QKD.  It's "unbreakable" (if you pay
> > no attention to all those vulnerabilities at the physical layer that can
> > be exploited by attackers anywhere in between the encrypter and the
> > decrypter).
> >
> > David
> >
> But software crypto algorithms suffer from the same problems, say RSA it's
> unbreakable if you pay no attention to all software vulnerabilities in
> the implementation like memory corruptions, weak key generation, etc.
> I see QC as security schemes relying in physical hard problems instead
> of a purely mathematical hard problems. As such they are often more
> expensive than software-only protocols but interesting nonetheless.
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