[cryptography] openssl on git

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at astro.indiana.edu
Tue Jan 8 14:49:45 EST 2013

On Tue, 8 Jan 2013, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> Then have the hook format the source code against some standard. I
> don't care which, as long as its consistent.

Ick.  I'm ok with coding standards including formatting, but applying
this mechanically, with no room for overrides by a programmer who has
good reasons for a local violation, seems plusungood to me.

IMHO there are sometimes occasions where code is clearer if it breaks
the formatting rules, and I prefer to keep available the option of the
(human) programmer to do this, rather than always trust a (mechanical)
formatting algorithm to Do The Right Thing.

[An example:  In the past few days I've written a lot of calls on
functions-with-very-long-names, e.g.

   const int k_sradius_minus
     = util::interpolate_3D_quintic_to_hgrid_ij_centered_k_offset_m2_k_sradius_minus();
   const field Phi_interp
     = util::interpolate_3D_quintic_to_hgrid_ij_centered_k_offset_m2<field, fp>(Phi_fn);

I've never met an automatic code formatter which was smart enough to
make the judgement call of when, upon encounting code like this that's
already nested inside (say) an if-else chain, to decide whether or not
to break the usual formatting rules and "outdent" the code back to
(or close to) the left margin so as to to keep the right-hand side of
the code at some vaguely-finite column (hopefully one that won't line-wrap
in an xterm width).

So, I'd rather leave that judgement to a person.]

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