[cryptography] Rocra malware targets files encrypted by Acid Cryptofiler

Kevin W. Wall kevin.w.wall at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 10:37:57 EST 2013

May be of some interest to this group.

Looks like another US intelligence cyber-espionage malware has
been reported by Kaspersky, this time primarily targeting former
Soviet-block republics.

Full story is here:

I found it interesting that this SC Magazine report stated:

	... the campaign deploys malware to steal sensitive information,
	including files encrypted by Acid Cryptofiler, classified software
	used to safeguard confidential data maintained by such organizations
	as the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
	and European Parliament. ...

I'm guessing that means that this Acid Cryptofiler is some
severely flawed crypto software (or was written by the NSA and
has some back door or side channel).

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