[cryptography] openssl on git

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Mon Jan 28 10:07:28 EST 2013

>>>>> "AB" == Adam Back <adam at cypherspace.org> writes:

AB> You know other source control systems, and presumably git also, have
AB> an excludes list which can contain wildcards.  It comes prepopulated
AB> with eg *.o - as you probably dont want to check them in.

For git, the file is called .gitignore.  You can add one in any
directory in the repo; each file covers that dir and each child
dir, and the syntax provides for overriding parent ignores.

Git also support per-clone $GIT_DIR/info/exclude and per-user ignore
files.  Cf gitignore(1).

AB> I think you could classify this as a git bug (or more probably a
AB> mistake in how github are using/configuring git) that it doesnt
AB> exclude checking in .ssh and maybe some of the .ssh exclusive
AB> related extensions.

There is nothing wrong with using git -- or any other vcs -- to backup
one's $HOME.  What is arguably dumb is storing that backup on a public
site.  *Any* public site.  And unencrypted at that.

This seems to be another case of thoughtless "everything to the cloud"
(said with a Q♥-off-with-their-heads sort of tone).  ;^/

I'm pretty sure hg and bzr also require the repo to specify what to ignore.

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