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On 01/28/2013 10:24 AM, Patrick Mylund Nielsen wrote:
> To rephrase, I don't understand why anyone would push their
> /home/user / backup git repository to a public one on GitHub :)

For the use case of personal config files, it makes setting up one's
preferred environment across multiple machines easier.  One can check
out their customized /.*rc/ files, their desktop customizations, and
other such things instead of recreating the config files by hand.  I
do this with the contents of my ~/.config/backpac/<hostname>/
directories on my Arch Linux machines, because I can do a bare-bones
install and then use Backpac to deploy my laptop package list, my
workstation package list, my server package list, et cetera without
having to leaf through a number of notebooks to figure out what
package names I need to start installing.

So long as the user does not do something dumb, like including crypto
keys in the repository, chances are most-but-probably-not-all of the
contents of those repos are not sensitive, so the user probably cares
little about making their personal settings for their text editor of
choice public.

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