[cryptography] any reason to prefer one java crypto library over another

ianG iang at iang.org
Wed Jan 30 04:27:22 EST 2013

On 30/01/13 06:36 AM, Kevin W. Wall wrote:

> And add to that the recent thread about OAEP weakness with RSA,

(on that other thread, I remain unconvinced either way, but I'm reading 
each post with interest, many times.  Thanks to all!)

> I'd say there are no secure padding schemes for RSA encryption, at
> least in SunJCE. (I've not checked what Bouncy Castle has to offer.)

In looking at BC's lightweight (non-JCE) library, I see OAEP, PKCS1, 
ISO9796d1 and two versions for blinding (thanks Adam for that 
description of why we want to use blinding, it had me confused...).


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