[cryptography] Is the NSA now a civilian intelligence agency? (Was: Re: Snowden: Fabricating Digital Keys?)

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 17:57:36 EDT 2013

> And when LEA
> get caught doing this nothing terribly bad happens to LEA (no officers
> go to prison, for example).

It is often in the interest/whim of the executive to decline to
prosecute its own,
even if only to save embarassment, so many of these cases will never see a jury.
That's why you need citizen prosecutors who can bring cases before both grand
and final jury. For example, how many times have you seen a LE vehicle failing
to signal, speeding/reckless, with broken running lights, etc... now
try to criminally
(not administratively) prosecute that just as you might be prosecuted for same.

> their own secrecy is the best and
> strongest (though even then, not fail-safe) guaranty of non-use for
> criminal investigations.

Didn't the requisite construction of plausible paths from tainted seed just
get covered. So, No! The only guaranty against secret taint is transparency.
Try removing the 'non-' next time.

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