[cryptography] Potential funding for crypto-related projects

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 18:25:23 EDT 2013

> I think if Tor had an arbitrary queue with store and forward as a high
> latency module of sorts, we'd really be onto something. Then there would
> be tons of traffic on the Tor relays for all kinds of reasons - high and
> low latency - only to all be wrapped in TLS and then in the Tor protocol.

That would work for things you're able to 'encapsulate' within some
compatible form of transmission. Email is essentially a single message
in one direction. Various stackable modules could be apply to certain
compatible things... random delay, storage at some prescribed levels
of redundancy, add/remove padding, etc.

Also of issue is if, when or where you're required to interact with clearnet.
TCP and websites do not like any of these modules. They'll timeout
or break. And you'd need a huge application specific volunteer army
writing clearnet interface modules for each BBS, website app, etc.
Which few would use since they need access tokens and exits
can't be trusted (though see below if you would so choose to).

But if you're able to throw out old models, things are possible, particularly
over/within your own transports... for example, I2P-Bote.

There may even come a time where you can view these overlays
as your own implicitly trusted execution platform into which you
launch a command packet/agent whose parameters will be followed
according to various rules on your behalf.

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