[cryptography] Open Solicitation for Concept Notes: Open Technology Fund

Dan Meredith meredithd at rfa.org
Tue Jul 2 07:20:37 EDT 2013

Hello cryptographers,

We are excited to share that the Open Technology Fund (OTF) at Radio
Free Asia's (RFA) ongoing solicitation of concept notes is open and
receiving proposals. We seek to fund disruptive technology projects that
advance global Internet freedom and human rights online. If you are
interested in submitting a concept note for our consideration, the
process begins by completing our short online form:
https://opentechfund.org/submit. More information about our full
proposal process can be found on our website:

OTF utilizes public funds to support Internet freedom projects. We
support projects that develop open and accessible technologies promoting
human rights and open societies. We strive to advance inclusive and safe
access to global communication networks.

Created in 2012, OTF is an RFA program supported by funds from the
Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The BBG’s mission is to inform,
engage, and connect people around the world in support of freedom and
democracy. RFA’s mission is to provide accurate and timely information
to the people of Asia who lack adequate protections for freedom of
expression, free speech, and a free press.

In a globally interconnected society, creating and protecting freedom of
expression, free speech, and a free press requires cross-border
technology tools that enable the exercise of human rights within
repressive societies for the global population. OTF strives to incubate
and support projects creating these tools around the world. More
information on our program can be found at https://opentechfund.org/about.

If you have any questions, please send them our way by emailing otf at rfa.org.

We look forward to your submission.
Dan Meredith
pgp 0x36377134

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