[cryptography] Potential funding for crypto-related projects

danimoth danimoth at cryptolab.net
Wed Jul 3 08:26:33 EDT 2013

On 30/06/13 at 07:32pm, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> > I'd love to see a revitalisation of remailer research, focussing on
> > unlinkability (which we know many people would benefit from) rather
> > than sender anonymity (which fewer people need, and which is prone to
> > abuse that discourages people from running mixes).
> > 
> I'd also like to see revitalisation of remailer research. Though
> anonymity as Tor is designed is specifically about unlinkability. To
> reduce it to sender anonymity is pretty ... ridiculous. What one does
> with an anonymous communications channel is up to them - many people do
> actually want that feature for chatting, web browsing, news, email, etc.

Not directly related to remailer, but what about dc nets [1] ?

[1] The Dining Cryptographers Problem:
    Unconditional Sender and Recipient Untraceability (David Chaum)

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