[cryptography] Potential funding for crypto-related projects

danimoth danimoth at cryptolab.net
Thu Jul 4 08:34:21 EDT 2013

On 30/06/13 at 01:04am, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> Yeah, about that...
> Have you seen the most recent paper by Egger et al?

IMHO that's is unfair. There are many publications on Tor
vulnerabilities as well, and this is unavoidable.
Are you sure that in the next two months Tor will not be the main actor
of a similar publication?

You should have pointed us over principles and design, rather than

By principles, I like i2p more than tor, for its decentralization, and
for its focus on providing an "anonymous" network layer than a "exit
point" to existing internet. But this is completely personal, and each
of us as his/her requirements to satisfy. And, by the way, I am aware
that the most important bug (which can't be corrected) of any systems is 
the human who is using it.

With respect,


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