[cryptography] 100 Gbps line rate encryption

Tor Erling Bjørstad tor at mnemonic.no
Wed Jul 17 04:29:10 EDT 2013

[2013-07-17, William Allen Simpson]
>On 7/16/13 11:15 AM, Matthew Green wrote:
>> Consider using Salsa20 instead.
>It would be helpful for folks to read the entire thread
>before making off the wall comments.
>Yes, folks have mentioned Salsa20.  It doesn't seem as
>amenable to PPP packets as I would like.  But as I was
>looking at it, is seemed he'd moved on to ChaCha.  I'm
>behind the times on this....
>So, let's talk about what to choose for something fast and
>"modern" to implement in the next decade....  We cannot
>recommend a dozen EU possibilities.  We need something
>that's already had some significant analysis.  Salsa20 or
>ChaCha?  Discuss.

Salsa20/12 or /20. Not because there's anything wrong with
the ChaCha variant, but because Salsa20 is "good enough" and
also better established. Note e.g. that Salsa20 is what's
used in NaCl [1] (released well after ChaCha was proposed).

Regarding ESTREAM, disregard the hardware ciphers in the final
portfolio. That limits the number of algorithms to four. Of these,
I think Salsa20 is the only one that has obtained significant
adoption. However, if I were to pick another, I'd be partial
to HC-128 due to its simple (somewhat RC4-like) design and very
impressive software performance.

Cheers, Tor

[1] http://nacl.cr.yp.to/stream.html

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