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I've been researching the Fortuna PRNG and found a good implementation within
PostgreSQL. I ripped out a big chunk of the code in pgsql/contrib/pgcrypto and
turned it into libfortuna. My first tests are positive, seems to work. I'm
building on FreeBSD, but should work on other BSD/Unix systems. Maybe
GNU/Linux, not sure, I tend to only build other people's projects on Linux.

At the moment my test program dumps out 1024 fortuna-generated random numbers.
But there's a whole swiss army knife of encryption related routines in
pgcrypto, so it looks to be great fun to tinker with and expand the library,
import the rest of the pgcrypto code base. I'm just getting started
experimenting. Perhaps irrelevant, yet it seems like there's a good interest
in encryption in this group, so I thought I'd share.

The library code is at: https://github.com/waitman/libfortuna
testing 123 programs at: https://github.com/waitman/fortuna-tests

It's mostly unmodified PG code, replacing the PG memory management routines
with 'native' jemalloc/malloc_np.h. When it seems sane I'll submit a FreeBSD

Have fun,

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California USA

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