[cryptography] evidence for threat modelling -- street-sold hardware has been compromised

Lodewijk andré de la porte l at odewijk.nl
Wed Jul 31 06:46:23 EDT 2013

2013/7/31 grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com>

> And so where does Cisco and Juniper gear come from again... ?

Let's not argue about whether Taiwan is China or The People's Republic of
China is China ;)

They do use foxxcon, but it's not clear whatfor. I can imagine they use
foxconn for non-sensitive things. (Like European electronics hahaha).

And they might've moved production in 2000. Or used parts from China.

Regardless of this being rumor mongering, I'm pretty sure the Chinese are
exploiting, backdooring, etc. anything they can.

reg. Australia, of course there's massive amounts of wink-wink going on in
that contract. I hope they give it to a domestic company, like every
government should do. Especially not give it to those contract hungry
Chinese semi-communist central planning extended government
monopolistcorps. Huawei can suck it.
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