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On 2013-03-04 8:48 AM, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> Little folks like me have to play by the rules, or risk getting the
> Schwartz treatment from folks like Steve Heymann and Carmen Ortiz.
No, we don't have to play by these rules, which our rulers have pretty 
much forgotten about.

Swartz penetrated the firewall by physically trespassing and hiding his 
laptop in a closet, which strikes me as mighty primitive for an 
officially designated genius, and the kind of thing that should get 
anyone into big trouble.  If someone sticks his laptop in my closet to 
download my files, I will erase it with a ten pound hammer, and when he 
shows up to collect it, will deal with him similarly.   It is a good 
thing that Swartz killed himself, like his hero Wallace. Both of them 
needed killing.

Swartz was officially designated a genius because a leftist.  He 
committed suicide, not because the state was feebly going through the 
motions of punishing him for illegal acts but because of the 
characteristic left wing disease of self hate.    Leftists hate whites 
because they are themselves white and hate America because they are 
American.  It is Jewish leftists like Rahm Israel Emanuel that seek the 
destruction of Israel.*

*Swartz was a die-hard David Foster Wallace fan.  Anyone who reads David 
Foster Wallace is influenced to commit suicide, and anyone who is a fan 
probably should commit suicide.   David Foster Wallace is the type 
specimen for leftist self hatred.

Wallace's suicidal propensities are an integral part of his leftism.  If 
you want to be sincerely leftist, you have to be sincerely utilitarian.  
But no one can be sincerely utilitarian. The best approximation to 
utilitarianism one can achieve, is not to love distant strangers equally 
with oneself and those close to one, but hate oneself and those close to 
one, which Wallace did with maniacal intensity, until finally murdering 
himself out of hatred and despair.

Leftists are notoriously self hating, Jews notoriously prone to self 
hate, so Jewish leftists are close to the top in self hate, though the 
Khmer Rouge take the all time prize for self hate by far.

Of course often self haters are not literally self haters - like Rahm 
Israel Emanuel they hate the group of which they are part, and seek to 
exterminate it, but are very smug about themselves and their friends.

But often, keenly aware of this hypocrisy, they are quite literally self 
haters, Wallace being an obvious example, indeed the obvious example.  
And since Swartz was a fan of Wallace, Swartz probably also literally 
hated himself - privileged and all that.

Wallace, like Swartz, was a manufactured genius, an official genius.

Wallace only wrote two fiction books, "the broom of the system, and 
"infinite jest", which very few people actually read.  ("The Pale King" 
was ghostwritten) He seems to have been funded entirely by Academia, 
which is to say, funded by the left for being an articulate and 
relatively readable left winger - but not so articulate and readable 
that he could actually make a living out of writing.

Wallace bears the same relationship to real writers, as Joe the 
puppeteer bears to real puppeteers.   If someone is a fan of Wallace, it 
is because being an official leftist, it is officially high status to be 
a fan of Wallace.

It is officially required that Wallace be highly regarded.  He was 
officially credentialed as an important writer, therefore it
demonstrates high status to fellow insiders to highly regard him. If you 
know that Wallace is officially a worthy writer, this shows you are 
knowledgeable about official truth, therefore an important cog in the 
system of propagating and enforcing official truth on the ignorant masses.

Wallace was suicidally self hating, evil, and insane, murderously hating 
everyone close to him and himself most of all.  The left loved him 
because his self hatred made demented evil seem plausibly moralistic, 
but as for his fiction writing, as far as I
can tell, no one read him, including his biggest fans.

Pity about that.  If more of his biggest fans read him, more of them 
would follow in his tracks by killing themselves.
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