[cryptography] side channel analysis on phones

Thierry Moreau thierry.moreau at connotech.com
Sat Mar 9 09:00:31 EST 2013

ianG wrote:
> [...], I'm expecting 
> there to be no special hardware access via Android/Java.
> [...] normally the developer has no control over which phone the 
> product will be used on. There isn't a lot of point in developing for 
> some special hardware features.

Yet there is one such point: side-channel attack countermeasures.

>>         Has anyone done any side channel analysis on phones?

Aren't side channel attacks hardware-specific, almost by definition?

If so, this original post postulates an impossible problem statement: 
hardware abstraction can not assist countermeasures for 
hardware-specific threats.

>>         [...] how to limit the
>>         possibilities of attacking the keys from another app.

OK, now you insert O/S abstraction and O/S-specific threats.


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