[cryptography] Web Cryptography API (W3C Working Draft 8 January 2013)

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On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 12:20 PM, D. J. Bernstein <djb at cr.yp.to> wrote:

> Ryan Sleevi writes:
> > What use case makes the "NaCl" algorithms (whose specification is merely
> > 'use NaCl', which boils down to "Use Salsa+Curve25519") worthwhile?
> Of course, this doesn't imply that NaCl is what developers want, but
> high-profile applications such as DNSCrypt are in fact using NaCl in
> ways that seem easily generalizable to other applications.

There are linux distributions that do not consider or cite NaCl. If an Open
Source developer did not follow other sources of discussion he not would
know it. I dunno why. Perhaps it is due to the FIFS 140. I am sorry if the
observation is OT.


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