[cryptography] [FoRK] ELF .so encryption contract work, probably resulting in open source

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Subject: [FoRK] ELF .so encryption contract work,
	probably resulting in open source
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We need the ability to encrypt the code in code segments of an ELF .so, for 
Linux / Android at least, with an AES key and also decrypt it in memory 
after loading by libdl using the same key.  Key management is out of scope. 
Might want selective decryption/encryption.  Signed code is in scope.  
Result will probably be releasable as open source.

This is something that should already exist, we need it, and I can pay for it.  If you know anyone interested, please connect us.

I could do it in 1-3 weeks, but that's not going to happen anytime soon for a long todo list of reasons.


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