[cryptography] Cryptographers win Turing award

Kevin W. Wall kevin.w.wall at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 23:27:04 EDT 2013

On Mar 14, 2013 7:52 AM, "ianG" <iang at iang.org> wrote:

> ACM Press release is helpful:
> http://www.acm.org/press-room/news-releases/2013/turing-award-12
> Wikipedia is too:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Probabilistic_encryption
> better copy of the 1984 article:
> http://groups.csail.mit.edu/cis/pubs/shafi/1984-jcss.pdf
> That article in networkworld is fatally flawed, and thus meets and
exceeds the standard for press commentary.

:-) Ironically,  the NetworkWorld article was the one cited by ACM
TechNews, which was where I first encountered it. I was somewhat surprised
that the URL they cited for their "Probabilistic Encryption" paper was at
Peking University. I wasn't even able to access it from work because that
domain is blocked because of malware and spam.

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