[cryptography] Apple Keychain (was Keyspace: client-side encryption for key/value stores)

Paul Walker paul at blacksun.org.uk
Fri Mar 22 10:07:20 EDT 2013

Hi Peter,

> In a perfect world, yes.  However having an OS-provided, standardised
> mechanism that gets things mostly right (Apple Keyring) is far, far better
> than forcing every developer to invent their own one (Unix and to a lesser
> extent Windows), which 90% will get wrong.

I'm curious which bits you feel Apple got right with the Keychain - not
because I disbelieve you, but because I don't know.  :-) Have you got any
links or documents, either for what they did right or for what the others do

(I use OS X, so I'm happy to hear they got it mostly right...)



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