[cryptography] [tahoe-dev] SNARKs, constant-time proofs of computation

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SCIPR is another one. http://www.scipr-lab.org/

If it became efficient it could be useful for mining in a Bitcoin fork
(commonly called altcoins). Don't know what kind of computations you'd
actually would want it to do, though. Most meaningful computations could
easily be deprecated by better algorithms, forcing you to switch algorithms
often. You also have the problem of achieving consensus for what to

What exactly would it be used for in Tahoe-LAFS?

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Den 7 nov 2013 18:54 skrev "Steve Weis" <steveweis at gmail.com>:

> Hi Andrew. You may be interested in contacting an early-phase startup
> called Tegos:
> http://www.tegostech.com/
> They're in stealth mode and haven't posted any info online, but they are
> legitimate and relevant to this work.
> On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 8:39 AM, Andrew Miller <amiller at cs.ucf.edu> wrote:
>> Here's a possible Tesla Coils and Corpses discussion I'd like to have
>> sometime a few weeks from now maybe:
>>    SNARKs (Succinct Non-interactive Arguments of Knowledge) are a
>> recent hot topic in modern cryptography. A generic SNARK scheme lets
>> you can take an arbitrary computation (e.g., the routine that checks a
>> signature and a merkle tree branch) and compile it to a *constant
>> size* compressed representation, called the verification key. An
>> untrusted server can execute the computation on behalf of the client,
>> and produce a *constant size* proof that it was carried out correctly.
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