[cryptography] NSA Global SIGINT Power to Generate Profits and Pay

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sat Nov 23 12:08:43 EST 2013

The NSA SIGINT Strategy 2012-2016 pretty well covers all the
comsec and crypto initiatives to covertly exploit people, cryptographers,
anonymizers, informants, planted spies, security firms, networks,
governments, nations, friends, lovers and citizens.

Not sure leaks, lawsuits and protests will deter this bounty of
profits for the comsec industry, unless the public is aroused to
demand the 3 branches grasp the nettle, and all those making
money from this deception operation decide to give up their
profits, perks and prestige.

I mean those on the comsec and crypto lists, those participating
in standards committees, those enjoying contracts and grants in
think tanks and universities, those in law firms and public interest
orgs, those in the media and academia, those in non-spy gov agencies,
pretending to be in opposition as they scramble to rejigger their
products and sales pitches, to exploit what is being fabricated
to diminish Snowden's revelations with new forms of secrecy,
technology, law, regulations, bribery, lobbying, grants, contracts,
list lurking, online and offline spying, break-ins, the usual kaboodle,
to assure the NSA goals are fulfilled.



SIGINT Goals for 2012-2016

1. (U//FOUO) Revolutionize analysis  fundamentally shift our analytic 
approach from a production to a discovery bias, enriched by 
innovative customer/partner engagement, radically increasing 
operational impact across all mission domains.

1.1. (U//FOUO) Through advanced tradecraft and automation, 
dramatically increase mastery of the global network

1.2. (U//FOUO) Conduct original analysis in a collaborative 
information space that mirrors how people interact in the information age

1.3. (U//FOUO) Disseminate data at its first point of relevance, 
share bulk data, and enable customers to address niche requirements

1.4. (U//FOUO) Drive an agile technology base mapped to the cognitive 
processes that underpin large scale analysis, discovery, compliance 
and collaboration

2. (U//FOUO) Fully leverage internal and external NSA partnerships to 
collaboratively discover targets, find their vulnerabilities, and 
overcome their network/communication defenses.

2.1. (U//FOUO) Bolster our arsenal of capabilities against the most 
critical cryptanalytic challenges 2.1.1. (S//SI//REL) Employ 
multidisciplinary approaches to cryptanalytic problems, leveraging 
and integrating mid-point and end-point capabilities to enable cryptanalysis

2.1.2. (S//REL) Counter the challenge of ubiquitous, strong, 
commercial network encryption

2.1.3. (TS//SI//REL) Counter indigenous cryptographic programs by 
targeting their industrial bases with all available SIGINT and HUMINT 

2.1.4. (TS//SI//REL) Influence the global commercial encryption 
market through commercial relationships, HUMINT, and second and third 
party partners

2.1.5. (S//SI//REL) Continue to invest in the industrial base and 
drive the state of the art for High Performance Computing to maintain 
pre-eminent cryptanalytic capability for the nation

2.2. (TS//SI//REL) Defeat adversary cybersecurity practices in order 
to acquire the SIGINT data we need from anyone, anytime, anywhere

2.3. (S//SI) Enable discovery capabilities and advanced tradecraft in 
the collection architecture to enable the discovery of 
mission-critical persona, networks, accesses, signals and technologies

2.4. (S//SI) Integrate capabilities into the mission architecture, 
deepen workforce skill base in advanced network and signals analysis, 
and optimize processes and policies for the benefit of discovery

3. (S//SI//REL) Dynamically integrate endpoint, midpoint, 
industrial-enabled, and cryptanalytic capabilities to reach 
previously inaccessible targets in support of exploitation, cyber 
defense, and cyber operations

3.1. (C//REL) Drive the SIGINT mission architecture to underpin 
synchronized, integrated, multi-capability operations, extending it 
to mission partners

3.2. (TS//SI//REL) Integrate the SIGINT system into a national 
network of sensors which interactively sense, respond, and alert one 
another at machine speed

3.3. (U//FOUO) Continuously rebalance our portfolio of accesses and 
access capabilities based on current and projected contributions to 
key SIGINT missions

3.4. (S//SI//REL) Identify new access, collection, and exploitation 
methods by leveraging global business trends in data and 
communications services

[End excerpt]

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